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The international design Alliance (IDA), with entering into it Council of communities of industrial design (Icsid) and international Council of associations of graphic design (Icograda) have proclaimed Turin the first capital of world design that is supported with the agreement signed by the parties.

The municipality of the city of Turin, the first awarded this rank, in 2008 becomes the organizer of competition (as the pilot project Capital of world design). The purpose new international biennial Ђ” to reveal those cities in which the design is as much as possible effectively used from the point of view of social, cultural and economic life of a city. 

Benefits are obvious to the carrier of a rank of capital of design: the city gets support in promotion on the international scene that involves inflow of attention from investors and creative forces, strengthening of economic development, city positioning as the advanced place of design, increase of a qualitative standard of living in the city, participation in destiny and development of branch of design.

«We consider that declaration of capital of world design will help to underline importance of design as motive power of economic, social and cultural development during an epoch і»ѕ±°»ё·ј°», Ђ” the President of the Union of communities of industrial design professor Dr explains. Zec.

The mayor of Turin Sergio Chiamparino, is assured that so important appointment of its city will necessarily connect together the today's status of capital HH of winter Olympic Games with XXIII world Congress on architecture in 2008. Each event fundamental on the importance for this territory in respect of its economic development also will by all means increase value of organizational and territorial resources which have appeared here in connection with the Olympic events.

«It is new chance to allocate Turin on a world and national card of design, Ђ” considers Andrea Pininfarina Ђ” and to show results (a creative and products)« Made in Italy »to the international press and all professionals from design.

The announcement of following competition on a rank of capital of world design of 2010 will be declared IDA a bit later.

IDA (the International design alliance formed by association of voices of 2 most powerful and °І‚ѕЂёё‚µ‚Ѕ‹… of Councils industrial (Icsid) and graphic design (Icograda). IDA urged to become the official representative of interests of design at official level (in Ђ°±‚µ with the international organisations, the governments and the enterprises).

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